Spot X Surf camp 

I arrived at Mojo Surf Spot X Surf camp on Sunday 14th May. To give some perspective, spot X is located in a place called Woolgoolga, 6 hours North of Sydney and 2 hours South of Byron Bay.
3 days set me back $395 (229 GBP). This included 3 nights accommodation, 3 days meals and 3 surf lessons which were each 2 hours in length.

I don’t think this is a complete rip off, but I think it’s bad value for money in terms of surf lessons. The Surf camp is in the middle of nowhere, meaning you have nothing else to do except be at the camp… and everyone is at the camp to surf. We each had our 2 hour lesson first thing in the morning, leaving us uncoccupied for the rest of the day.

Here’s where the money grabbing deal arises: I could pay another $99 (57 GBP) to get surf photos, a mojo surf item of clothing, 2 hours more surfing each afternoon and an activity each day (canoeing, ocean rafting or golf). $99 for all this is on the surface a good deal, but not when I had already paid just short of $400.

It’s as simple as this: people go there to learn to surf, and the majority of people had never surfed before. 2 hours a day for 3 days isn’t anywhere near enough to get the hang of it. In my opinion, it would be a waste of money to not spend the extra $99 as I’d already paid so much to be there.

Canoeing – everyone carrying one except me
Ocean rafting – everyone getting thrown out except me, front furthest side

Personally, I think the costly $395 should include a morning and afternoon surf lesson each day. As a comparison, I did a 2 hour Surf lesson at the YHA in Yamba for $15 and I thought this was just as good quality of teaching. 6 of these at $15 plus accommodation for 3 nights would total $180…

First lesson

Let’s face the facts. Every place you go to like Mojo Surf Camp is going to have things you can pay extra for and will quite often want to, such as the photos, merchandise and other activities. That’s just life. But I paid a lot of money to learn to surf and I did not expect to have to pay a penny more just so I could make the most of it. It’s money grabbing and designed so you have little choice but to pay for it.

The camp had a large crowd of 19-20 year old lads who constantly blasted the worst sort of ‘music’ you’ve ever heard, the only way I can describe it is as ‘doff doff doff diff doff’ music. If I’d stayed any longer than 3 days, I might have lost the plot (more so?).

Malin and Sanna’s campervan – 2 Swedish sisters who were the nicest girls I’ve ever met!
Aside from this, I had a great few days in the sun learning to surf, including a sunrise and a sunset surf. An activity was put on each night, whether it was party games, movie night or something else. The food was of a good standard, lunches and dinners more than sufficient with seconds sometimes at dinner. Best of all, we didn’t have to make it ourselves or wash up! I met some lovely people, some of whom I have since luckily bumped in to at other places on the coast. The surf instructors were excellent. I could not fault them at all. They were friendly, professional, patient and helpful. Big thanks to my favs Bryce and Joshy who got me on my feet (literally), and to Connor for saving me when I got caught in a rip!

One of my first lessons – Bryce helping me and then me definitely about to fall off

Joshy looking pleased I was getting the hang of it! And me being bloody happy I did!
Getting it down!


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