After finishing Fraser Island on the 27th May, I had a week to recover and make my way 620 miles North to Airlie beach for my Whitsunday Islands boat trip.  I first got a lift  2.5 hours to Hervey Bay from a family friend (this was completely out their way, but I guess to aussies … Continue reading Whitsundays 


Fraser Island

For those who are not familiar, the World Heritage listed Fraser Island is one of the 'must dos' on the East Coast of Aus. The island is 76 miles long, 13 miles at its widest point and covering a total of 710 square miles, it is the largest sand island in the world. There are various … Continue reading Fraser Island

Road trip p2: Yamba, Gold Coast and Brisbane! 

This part takes us from the 18th-24th may. Quick recap: I'm road tripping with a girl called Meg from Melbourne who I met at the start of the month. Meg was a champ and waited for me while I was at Surf camp, camping nearby for a few nights. Fresh out of the surreal abandoned … Continue reading Road trip p2: Yamba, Gold Coast and Brisbane! 


Spot X Surf camp 

I arrived at Mojo Surf Spot X Surf camp on Sunday 14th May. To give some perspective, spot X is located in a place called Woolgoolga, 6 hours North of Sydney and 2 hours South of Byron Bay. 3 days set me back $395 (229 GBP). This included 3 nights accommodation, 3 days meals and … Continue reading Spot X Surf camp 



For anyone new to my blog, you may be a little confused with any egg references in my earlier posts... this is because my blog used to be called 'eggventuretales' - the tales of an egg on an adventure.  I decided this was a bit lame.  Egg is no more. Much love xox


Road tripping! 

So let's rewind a little!  On my last day in the blue mountains, Meg drove us to the start of the walk we did. As I was crammed across the top of her fruit blender, squished between the front seat and a load of boxes, a story unfolded. Megan is  from Melbourne and moving up … Continue reading Road tripping! 


The Blue Mountains

Insane! And I nearly didn't go!  The blue mountains is a national park scaling 954 miles squared in size. I have since discovered that the 'Greater Blue Mountains area' is, similarly to fremantle prison, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This area comprises a total of 8 national parks and covering an astounding 3,900 square miles. … Continue reading The Blue Mountains